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Why Live in Kochi

Posted by gladrealtors on May 27, 2014
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It seems that the clichéd statement of India being a land of paradox never goes out of fashion! The exponential growth of its  rapid economic development hasn’t done much in managing the contradictions.

A survey has now revealed that cities such as Gurgaon, which are the most preferred places to earn a living are not the best places to live! This interesting data surfaced during the research conducted by the economics research firm Indicus Analytics on residences, earnings and investments. Paradoxically none of the top ten cities that offer the greatest career opportunities feature in the list of top ten Indian cities to live! Six vital parameters including health, education, environment, safety, public facilities and entertainment were taken into account while preparing the  index of cities that are conducive for living.  Whereas the list of cities that offered the maximum earning potential was based on growth rate of employment, per capita income and listings on popular job websites.

Interestingly the  four metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai did not fall in either of the two lists as these failed to feature in the list of ten best cities to reside, earn or invest! Nonetheless, these bustling metros were listed  among the cities preferred by the deep pocketed elite class  to spend their life.

The top 10 places, which offer the best employment opportunities include  Gurgaon, followed by Silvaasa, Noida, Faridabad, Rupnagar, Chandigarh, Surat, Bangalore, Gandhinagar and Pune. The best cities to live are Kochi, Kozhikode, Shimla, Thiruvananthapuram, Mysore, Goa, Thrissur, Pondicherry, Kannur and Thiruvalur.  The fact that  five of these cities are in Kerala, should be a matter of pride for any Malayalee though it could have come as a rude shock for many considering the pathetic state of affairs.

Let’s admit it! The ground reality that exist in all these cities in Kerala are far from rosy. From pot holed roads to garbage ridden pathways  and ill planned cities and  the  infrastructure facilities that clearly fall short of the needs of the swelling population, the city life is nothing short of a struggle for any ordinary citizen!  The local administration and the public should brace up their acts atleast now to make these cities truly the most preferred cities in India and to live up to the celebrity status bestowed upon them!