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Land / Building Retailing

Posted by gladrealtors on May 27, 2014
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GLAD Realtors Land / Building Retailing Service is the one-stop resource for Purchase, Sales, Rental and Lease procedures of land or building. We provide high-end service to every category of clients who are the owners or who want to lease, rent or buy properties. We undertake any of the following retailing services such as flats for rent, flats for sale, apartments for rent, apartments for sale, villas for rent or villas for sale, according to the needs of the clients. With a wish to bestow you with very smooth property dealing, we offer fast and hassle-free Land / Building retailing service.

As real estate retailing is a sector that has had its share of peaks and troughs in the market, we employ a strong retailing service team to give you the wise guidance and assistance. Our experienced Land / Building Retailing Team comprises of experts in the field, who continuously keep a vigil eye on the changing trends in real estate market, making you possible to buy, sell, rent or lease land / building at the best price. With the strong support of an extensive database of unique and affordable properties, we steer forward to meet with the dreams and requirement of our clients.

Making best retail deals in the most effective way in terms of time and money is the sole mission of our Retailing Division. No matter, how exclusive is your demand, we operate here to convert it in to actuality. We cater to all your needs, for any budget and taste, and will stand as a bridge between the owner and the tenant through the lease period. Whether its purchase, sale or rental, we assure a comfortable and reliable service at each and every point of the dealings.

Our services:

  • Purchase of Land
  • Purchase of Building
  • Sale of Land
  • Sale of Building
  • Rental of Land
  • Lease of Land
  • Rental of Building
  • Lease of Building
  • Rental Documentation
  • Lease Documentation
  • Registration Documentation


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